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The videos below are artistic representations directed by CCWF artists. The words, movement ideas, and music have come from the inside participants.  Many of the pieces identify harm, name oppression, and describe how inside artists have found pathways towards agency, healing, and change. 


When creating work as performance artists, there is always the consideration of whose story is being told and how the performance is authentic to that person.  With the COVID-19 pandemic, PACE’s artistic collaboration looks much different than it usually does. In the past the classes have taken place inside the SF jails or alongside system-impacted individuals who craft and perform work as acts of self-representation.  


This semester, due to COVID, the performances have been developed and directed by the CCWF artists, through email. The goal for us, USF collaborators, is to center the creative vision, aesthetic, and choices of our CCWF collaborators. As we present the videos today our hope is that as conduits for our collaborators,  we have done justice to the truths of their lives.

Two Way Mirror by Mimi
Recovery Road by Julie Spencer
"Untitled" by Mychal
THE BARBS by Kanoa
Unmasking the Little Me by Cynthia


Performing Arts & Community Exchange

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